Card ActivationCredit CardDebit Card – Get Reward – America Card Activation Bank of America is one of the renowned banks in the United States, headquartered in North Carolina and New York, which was started with the Italian-American initiative to serve the working-class citizens of the country, later expanded and began to offer various financial services around the globe.

They mainly deal with corporate banking, wealth management, investment & insurance management and other financial services to their consumers. Bank of America is popularly known as the issuer of various types of advance chipset Credit or Debit card.

If you recently received any of the Bank of America cards through mail, then you have to activate it for your upcoming transactions. After successful card activation, you can make cashless payments from any part of the world without paying any charges. In addition, there will be cashbacks, points, rewards, various kinds of deals available with your card.

The card activation process is very simple. In various ways, you can do it. However, sometimes it gets difficult for us to complete the whole process.

That’s why in this article, we will discuss with you every detail regarding your Bank of America Credit card along with its activation procedures, requirements, benefits in a very simple way for your convenience.

Therefore, let’s begin the process. – Bank of America Card Activation Procedures

As you know, there are a myriad of ways available to activate your brand new Bank of America Credit or Debit Card. You can activate in three methods, they are – online, offline via phone call, or through the Bank of America mobile application.

Although, you first need to enroll yourself at the Bank of America online banking portal, if you wish to activate your card online or even through the mobile app. Here we will discuss all the three processes in activating your Bank of America credit card. Let’s go. – Making an Online Banking Account on Bank of America Portal

This is the first step to activate your Bank of America or BOA credit card. You must need a BOA digital banking login ID to begin the procedure. If you don’t have any BOA digital banking account, then follow these quick steps. Well, if you already have, you can skip it.

It is mandatory to have a Digital Banking account in order to activate or transact from your Bank of America card.

  • First, take your Smartphone or laptop, connect it with the internet and open any of your comfortable internet browsers.
  • Next type the following website at on your web address bar.
  • The Bank of America card activation portal will soon open.
  • Look for the Enroll in online banking option on your screen.
  • Thereafter a new page will open, now fill the following details on it:
    • BOA account number or card number (last 6-digit)
    • SSN code or Tax ID
  • After giving the above details then click on continue.
  • Next, you have to provide some more information regarding your identity, address and income details etc.
  • Before the end, kindly choose your Bank of America digital banking Username and Password to initiate upcoming procedures.
  • Finally, on submission, a new account will create automatically.
  • Copy the Username and Password for the further procedures. – Bank of America Online Card Activation Process

Bank of America online card activation is very simple. Following some easy steps, you can easily activate your BOA card. And also note, the online process in activating the Bank of America credit and debit card are the same. You can follow this way to activate your BOA debit card too.

You just will need a Smartphone or Laptop, Bank of America online banking Username & Password, your Credit/ Debit card and a stable Internet connection.

When you are ready with them then start following this process.

  • Open your internet browser from your device and type on the address bar.
  • Now look at the left hand side of the screen where you will find the ‘Sign in to Online Banking’ option.
  • Click on that and enter your Bank of America online banking Username & Password.
  • After providing your BOA login details click on the Sign in button.
  • You will be instantly redirected to the card activation page.
  • Here enter your credit card details like card number, expiry date, SSN number etc.
  • After you are done, submit the activation request.
  • In doing so, the BOA card will be automatically activated. – Bank of America Credit Card Activation Offline through Phone Call

If faced difficulties during your BOA online card verification, then you can choose this methods too. You just need the registered mobile number with your BOA bank account to complete it.

  • Take your phone and dial this BOA card activation number 800-276-9939.
  • Carefully listen to the IVRS instructions.
  • Then choose the credit card activation option.
  • Now provide your bank details, card number, account holder name and other details correctly.
  • Set your card PIN and submit it.
  • Once you are done, a confirmation message will shortly come to your mobile number. Now you will easily use your Bank of America card anywhere. – Bank of America Credit Card Activation through Mobile App

Bank of America credit or debit Card can also be activated through Bank of America’s mobile app. The method is very easy.

Here is the Process,

  • First, download the Bank of America’s mobile application from Android or Apple play store.
  • Open the app, right after its installation.
  • Sign in into your account with the Bank of America Username and Password.
  • Now go to your account section and find out the card activation option.
  • Enter the following details like,
    • Card number
    • Expiry date
    • CVV
    • Contact number
    • Personal details for Identification
  • So finally right after providing all the details, it will automatically verify your card. – Bank of America Credit Card Advantages & Features

There are numerous benefits available from the Bank of America Credit Cards. You will earn cashbacks, rewards, bonus and other exciting deals every time you make a purchase through this card. We are mentioning some of them in this section.

At a Glance,

  • You will get at least 3% backs on dining, travel, gas, drugstore, or online shopping by using this card.
  • You can earn $200 cash reward on spending $1000 on purchases in the first 90 days of your card activation.
  • In The first two months, there will be no balance transfer fees.
  • Introductory APR will be 0% on your first Fifteen months after activation.
  • You can earn up to 25% – 75% cashback at selected store purchases.
  • No annual charges will be applicable for this card.
  • Your Bank of America rewards have no expiration.
  • You also get the online banking facilities of the Bank of America.
  • With the all-new added security chip, you can make contactless secure payments with your Bank of America Credit Card. – Bank of America Credit Card Prerequisites

Before you go to activate your Bank of America Card, please look at the list of things that you should need to complete the activation process.

They are as follow,

  • For Bank of America Card online activation, you first need a Smartphone or Laptop/ desktop computer.
  • Good Internet Connection.
  • Bank of America Account Number.
  • Online banking Username and Password.
  • BOA MasterCard.
  • Photo ID.
  • Tax ID/TIN or Social Security Number/SSN.
  • Email address.
  • Contact number.
Official Name Bank of America Credit & Debit Card Activation
Rewards Cashbacks, Discounts
Purpose Card Activation
Language English, Spanish
Eligible Citizen United States
Genuine Activation Link
Genuine Activation Contact Number 800-276-9939

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About Bank of America

Bank of America is one of the leading multinational banks of the United States. Headquartered is in Charlotte, North Carolina, it was an Italian-American venture, which has a long root in Italy. The name first appeared in 1923 during the formation of its first branch in Los Angeles. Later in 1928, it was acquired by another renowned financial firm of that time, The Bank of Italy. Later merging with Nations Bank in 1998 it was formed as The Bank of America.

They are known for their wide range of services and offerings to the citizens of America and Worldwide.

Final Words

We have discussed in this post all the conceivable methods to activate your Bank of America Cards. Hope you definitely enjoyed your shopping after activating your BOA card.

But if you still faced any problem during your card activation, please feel free to share with us in the comment section so that we can directly reach you to solve your issue.

Contact Bank of America

Activating BOA Credit Card: 800-276-9939 (24×7)

Billing Inquiries: 866-266-0212

Lost or Stolen Card: 800-732-9194

International BOA Customer Care Help Desk: 1-757-677-4701 (24×7)

  • Card related inquiries: Bank of America;

Post Box 53132


AZ 85027-3132

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