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FirehouseListens – When we think of Firehouse, we think about the firefighters’ bravery, water cannons, ladders, etc. But what if you actually get a real-time experience of a firehouse while eating a delicious sub. Well, you guessed it right.



Firehouse Subs is your destination for it. Do you know what more is exciting? Firehouse has introduced their official customer survey, Firehouselistens, where you get the opportunity of winning $500. Well, you are at the right spot, as this post is going to be your ultimate guide for taking the Firehouselistens survey. When you complete reading our post, rest assured you will successfully complete the survey and win the exclusive $500.

Why Should You Visit Firehouse Subs?

Every restaurant is themed uniquely. But the Firehouse Sub has themed its restaurants in a very different way. In 1994 in Jacksonville, Florida, Robin Sorensen and Chris Sorensen had visited a firehouse and thought of using a firehouse theme to design their first restaurant. Currently, the different firehouse subs restaurant is all designed with different firehouse equipment. Their menu is also exclusively designed with firehouse themes like the hot specialty subs, mac and cheese with small hook and ladder, etc. Interesting, isn’t it? So definitely visit your nearest Firehouse Sub and enjoy a great meal. You should take the Firehouselistens survey as you get to win the exclusive $500.

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Why Should You Take the Firehouselistens Survey?

The Firehouselistens survey is one of the great surveys as within five to ten minutes; you can complete the customer satisfaction survey. Once done, you enter the sweepstakes for winning $500. Your feedback has twin benefits; you get the chance to win the survey prize and benefit from their improved products and services. So, go ahead and take the Firehouselistens survey and win the exclusive prize.

Despite all the survey requirements, you are not granted entry; it is because the survey has some restrictions. Let’s go through it one by one.

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What Are the Firehouselistens Survey Restrictions?

The restrictions are pretty simple, so go through it once before taking the survey.

  • Have you attained the age of 16? If not, then my friend, you won’t be eligible to take the survey as the survey is limited by age restriction
  • Are you affiliated with Firehouse Subs? If you are working as an employee or affiliated with Firehouse subs in any way, unfortunately, you won’t be able to take the survey.
  • You won’t be able to take the survey if you do not belong to the USA.
  • Do you have an email id that works? If not, then make sure you have one before you take the survey.
  • The online mode of the survey can be entered only with the purchase receipt. So make sure you possess one before taking the survey.

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What Do You Require for Taking the Firehouselistens Survey?

There are some simple essentials that you just need to check while taking the survey.

  • To connect to the survey portal online, you need to have an electronic device, which can be a laptop, mobile, or PC. It should be connected by a stable internet.
  • To enter through the mail method, make sure you have a 3″x5″ postcard and a size #10 business envelope, which will be very readily available in the market

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How to Take the Survey?

Taking the Survey With a Purchase Receipt via Online

  • For this, you can write in your web browser firelouselistens or instantly click on this link
  • You would see two invitation type there, check your purchase receipt and select the invitation type.
  • To verify your credentials, you will be asked to provide the code for validation that will be mentioned in your receipt. Along with that, the amount you paid has to be also mentioned. Press the red button named “Start.”
  • Once done, you will be asked to rate your experience and other questions about your visit to Firehouse subs. Answer it correctly and with honesty as it plays an important part.
  • After entering the personal details, submit the survey; you are done and now have to wait for the winners’ announcement.

Taking the Survey Without a Purchase Receipt via Mail

  • As mentioned above, if you want to enter the survey via mail, you can send the postcard with your personal details and sent it to the HQ address.

If you face any doubts related to the survey, please contact them via

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