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MoeGottaKnow – Hi people! We will try to give you a brief overview of the Moe’s official survey through this post. Imagine some nachos and burritos with delicious dips.



Exciting, isn’t it? Do you know what more is exciting? If you get a $2 off. Well, precisely this is what Moe’s is providing you. But how can you get it? For this, you have to keep reading our post where we will be giving you every essential element that you will require for taking the survey. So, keep reading.

Why Should You Visit Moe’s Restaurant?

Moe’s Southwest Grill is a leading Mexican food restaurant based in Atlanta, Georgia. It is quite interesting that the name “Moe’s” came from “Musicians outlaws and entertainers” which is why you find various music artwork in the restaurant. Some of its favourite delicacies that you can really enjoy are tacos, burritos, nachos, bowls filled with burritos and the famous white rice with the sprinkle of south-west seasoning.

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Why Should You Take the Moegottaknow Survey?

The MoeGottaKnow survey is the best survey currently in the market. Moe’s understands that the customers are taking their time from their hectic day and filling out the survey for their effective feedback system. After you successfully complete the survey, you will be given a $2 coupon off for your next purchase at Moe’s. There are twin benefits for taking the survey; firstly you get to win the $2 off on your next visit to the restaurant. You also benefit from their improved products and services that are possible because of your feedback.

Many people complain that they can’t enter the survey due to some restrictions. These restrictions are nothing but the terms and conditions for the survey which many of you will be unaware of. So let us get an idea about them.

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Restrictions for the Moegottaknow Survey

  • A fundamental rule for the survey is you need to be a legalized resident of United States of America. If not, it would be difficult for you to enter the survey.
  • Entry is restricted by the Moe’s purchase receipt. So, make sure you visit your local Moe’s restaurant and have a hearty meal before taking the survey.
  • You cannot take the survey offline. So, the only mode is online, which you can connect by having some essentials which we will discuss in the other sections.
  • Currently, the MoeGottaKnow survey is unavailable for its employees or associates, so you can’t take the survey if you belong to such category. But be sure that you provide authentic information as it will be checked afterwards.
  • Are you 18 or above? If not, Moe’s survey will not be available for you.

Now many of you may might wonder.

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How to Take the Moegottaknow Survey

  • Before taking the survey, there are some essentials that are the purchase receipt from the restaurant, the medium through which you can connect to the survey that is an electronic device like a mobile phone, laptop or PC. You will also require an internet connection that works properly to complete the survey.
  • For taking the survey visit this link
  • As soon as you visit the survey site, you will be asked the number of the store which you can easily find on your purchase receipt. Once you are done with that there will be a red coloured button named “Next”, press on it.
  • Now the survey questions begin, this generally consists of questions like
  • How was your interaction with the roadies (team members)
  • Was the time spent on the waiting line reasonable?
  • How was the food?
  • How is the cleanliness and sanitation facilities in the restaurant?
  • How is the ambience of the restaurant?
  • Was your meal value for money?
  • How likely will you recommend Moe’s to your family or friends?
  • Please try to provide your ratings honestly as it greatly helps to improve their feedback process.
  • When you are done with all this, you would be asked your personal details, fill it accordingly.
  • It is done, your screen will display the discount code, note it down carefully. Next time when you visit the restaurant definitely redeem this code and get a $2 off on your favourite Mexican delicacies.

If you are facing any doubt related to the survey, please contact them at

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