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Arbys.com/Survey – Hey people! Imagine a delicious beef sandwich with cheesy fillings; that’s the ideal sandwich you need to vibe up your day. What if with this sandwich you also get to win a $1000 & $1500.



Well, Arby’s has launched their customer satisfaction survey to give their loyal customers the opportunity and win a $1000 or $1500 cash. In this post, our moto is to give you an overview about how you complete Arby’s survey effectively. We will be answering the following questions, which will give you a brief idea about the survey.

  • What benefits do you as customers receive while taking the survey?
  • What are some of the requirements for taking the survey?
  • What are the survey restrictions?
  • How to complete the survey effectively?
  • About Arby’s
  • Contact Details

What Benefits Do You as Customers Receive While Taking the Survey?

  • By completing the survey effectively, you get the opportunity to win $1000 cash daily.
  • Also, you can win $1500 weekly and other attractive prizes.
  • Also, you could benefit from their improved products and services by providing your opinion on the survey.

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What Are Some of the Requirements for Taking the Survey?

  • Purchase whatever you feel from the Arby’s restaurant but before taking the survey ensure that the restaurant receipt is present with you.
  • You will require reliable and genuine internet access to complete the survey.
  • Try to have an electronic device like a laptop, PC, or tablet to connect to the survey portal.
  • Languages are the medium through which you take the survey. Currently Arby’s survey is available in English or Spanish so if you have a basic understanding of either of them, then you can take the survey.
  • Then you must possess a valid email Id as it is required to enter the sweepstakes.

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What Are the Survey Restrictions?

There are some basic survey terms and restrictions that you need to follow for taking the survey.

  • For taking the survey, make sure you are a legal resident of the United States; otherwise, you won’t be able to take the survey.
  • Check and see whether you are a major or not on the survey date. Even if you are a minor you can always eat a hearty meal at Arby’s but ask your major friend to fill the survey for you.
  • If you enter the survey by mail-in method, PO boxes will not be allowed.
  • You will be permitted to win one weekly prize per 90 days.
  • The survey can be entered either through portal or by mailing them but you will be allowed only once.
  • Even if you enter the survey twice, it will be rejected.

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How to Complete the Survey Effectively?

Well, we know you want the prize and quite excited, so below we have enlisted the two processes which is the gateway for taking the survey.

Online Method – Purchase Necessary

  • For taking the survey online, make sure you visit your nearest Arby’s and purchase something and keep your purchase receipt safely.
  • Now keep the purchase receipt safely.
  • Then you have to visit their official website; you can do this by visiting this link arbyswemakeitright.com.
  • Then there will be two options coming in front of you, i.e., whether you want to begin in English or Spanish.
  • You will now have to enter the details like when did you visit, the store number and the amount you spent.
  • Now there will be a button named “Next,” press on it.
  • You will find some questions related to the survey, answer it honestly as it plays a very important role in the survey processs
  • After submitting this, enter your personal contact information.
  • Now you are done, well, now you have entered the sweepstakes and have to wait for the result.


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Mail-in Method – Purchase Not Necessary

  • You can also take the opportunity to enter the sweepstakes without purchase.
  • To enter the survey by mail-in method, you need to get a postcard. For the daily and weekly surveys, you need to have different postcards.
  • Now write the postcard with the sentence that will be mentioned in their official rules, enter your personal details (all your essential info on the following address)
  • [Enter Month/Year]Mail-In Entry
  • c/o [Enter the name through which you want to take the survey)]
  • One Victoria Square, Birmingham, UK
  • B1 1DB

With this, you are ready to take the survey, but before you take the survey, read about some exciting details about your favorite sandwich corner Arby’s.

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About Arby’s

Arby’s sandwich restaurant is one of the popular restaurant chains in the USA. It is an international chain and is spread in about 3300 locations over the world. It was found in the year by Forrest and Leroy Raffle in the year 1964. It is based in Sandy Springs, Georgia, Currently serving some delicious sandwiches, salads, and side dishes, which you will definitely relish.

So, go ahead, take the Arby’s customer survey and get to win $1000 or $1500.

Contact Details

Their official contact number is

Phone: 1800-599-2729

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