Card ActivationCredit Card – Get Reward – Credit Card Activation Have you received your new Lilly Card and excited to activate it? This is the perfect post to guide you through it. Activate your lily card now to enjoy the perks in the future. We will also list down the perks of having an activated Lily card. You can read it and get a better knowledge of the benefits.

We have assembled all the knowledge regarding card activation and the login process. Just stick to the post for few minutes and read it thoroughly.

You can also inquire about the issues that you faced at any point in the procedure. Comment in the comment box and tell us how likely did you find the article helpful.

Different ways to Activate Lilly Card

Well, you have two choices among you to activate the card. Either do it with the help of the internet or make a phone call. It is your choice, so pursue what feels convenient to you.

  • Lilly Card Activation through website
  • Lilly Card Activation via mobile number

What do you require to activate Lilly Card?

  • You need to obtain Lily Card to activate it.
  • Keep your card handy so that you can acquire the essential details such as card number, its Expiry date,
  • You should have an NRIC/Passport number to verify your identity.
  • You must be a citizen of the UNITED STATES or Puerto Rico.
  • For a website, you can take any gadget(mobile phone/laptop/computer)
  • On the other hand, for a phone call activation, you need to have a working mobile phone or a telephone to make a call.
  • For the online method, maintain an active connection on your device to avoid technical glitches.
  • Remember accurate Personal Information when asked.

Once, you assemble all of them, go ahead with the preferable method

How to Activate Lilly Card through the website? 

Follow the written steps for activating your Lilly Saving Card –

  • Take out your device and connect to your preferred browser(such as google chrome)
  • You don’t need to search anything, just click on
  • Tap on “YES” if you want to activate your card now. Otherwise, go for “NO”
  • Now, answer few polls that ask for your residence, and age.
  • Now take out your card and search the RxGroup number printed on the front. Fill that up in the field that asks for the RxGroup number
  • Similarly, examine and type down your 12 digits RXID number.
  • Now match these identification numbers before submitting.

On completing the entire form you will receive a message stating the activation of your card, read it once.

Activate your Lilly Savings Card by making a Phone call

If the website method didn’t work for you or you didn’t find it convenient, try the phone call method.

  • Carry your phone and dial 1-866-923-1953.
  • Within seconds, someone will answer the call, tell your Lilly Card credentials as asked
  • Also, specify the details of your personal identity.
  • Listen to the instructions precisely, and follow as directed.

Again, you will get a confirmation mail to confirm the activation of your card.

Lilly Card Activation Support

Besides the following everything, if you face any issue with the website, card number or anything feel free to contact Lily savings card Customer Care officials. Do it by dialing 1-866-923-1953 and explain the problem thoroughly. They will guide you to the solution and work according to that.

About Lilly insulin value program

The company launched the Lilly Insulin Value Program which enables commercial insurance to the users to appoint their monthly Lilly insulin prescription for $35.

The only aim behind the program is to make it effortless for individuals to take advantage of this cost-effective alternative.

The $35 co-pay card is available online at

Anyone can visit and obtain their card by clicking on “Download Your Card.”

You also have the option of saving the card in your phone folder and print a hard copy from that.

You can use the card while picking up your prescription,

A listing of insulins that comes under the program is included on the savings card

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Advantages of Lily Card

INDIANAPOLIS on April 7, 2020, introduced their brand new Lilly Insulin Value Program that entirely focuses on helping the people of the country. Through this one can obtain the insulins at a discounted price. The program was built, keeping in mind the COVID-19 situation. The program allows commercial insurance to everybody willing to take advantage of it. The program is highly active and includes most Lilly insulins such as Humalog®

The program is one of the numerous low-cost alternatives available within the Solution Center. Seniors with Medicare Part D plans are not qualified for a co-pay card due to governmental guidelines, but they can call the Solution Center to see if they qualify for an alternative option, such as donated insulins present for low-income people. It also provides options to the people who have an intense need for insulin and have exhausted all other options. They can easily contact the Solution Center for an urgent supply.

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