Card ActivationCredit Card – Get Bonus – Credit Card Activation SOLE Visa Payroll Card is an employee payment card, which is issued by Axiom bank through SOLE Financial services. Many of the US-based organizations use this kind of card to pay their employees monthly salary, increment, or investment to their salary account instead of using a paper check.

If you recently got such a card from your employer, then you have to activate it first before usage.  This can be done in various ways. And once you activate it, then you will enjoy a number of benefits as if with this card you can make cashless transactions around the world within a second. Also using this card you will earn cashbacks, discounts and various exciting offers on your purchase.

But customers often find difficulties in activating the card for the first time. Though, it is both light and simple. So we made this article.

Here we will discuss all the necessary information on the SOLE payroll cards, its activation methods, requirements and various other benefits in a very simple way for your convenience.

Therefore without wasting time, start reading this post and activate your card securely.  – SOLE Visa Payroll Card Activation

Activating your SOLE Visa Payroll Card is very simple. This can be done online and offline.         There are two ways currently available to activate your brand new SOLE Visa Payroll Card. Therefore you can activate it at the SOLE payroll card portal or via phone call.

We have mentioned both the process step-by-step underneath. If you are ready with the requisite items then start your activation procedures by using any of the following steps safely and securely.

SOLE Visa Payroll Card Online Activation Procedures

  • Open any of your preferred internet browsers from your device and visit the Sole Payroll card activation portal at
  • On the website, go and select the Activate my Card option.
  • Instantly the card activation page will open.
  • Now enter the following information correctly from your card,
    • Card Number
    • CVV number
    • Expiry Date
  • Then fill up the customer enrollment form with your name, address, contact number, email address, and SSN code.
  • After rechecking once more click on the submit button to send your activation request.
  • Your card will be automatically activated and now it is ready for a transaction.
  • Soon you will get a confirmation text alert on your registered number regarding your successful cad activation.

SOLE Visa Payroll Card Offline Activation Procedures through Phone Call

If you are facing a problem in activating your card online then here is the other way for you to perform it. You just only need your phone to do it.

Here is the process:

  • Take your phone and dial the following number 888-895-6016.
  • When the call is connected then carefully follow the IVRS instructions.
  • Choose the SOLE Visa Payroll Card activation option.
  • Provide your card details like card number, expiry date and SSN number correctly.
  • Then answer the instructor’s question regarding your contact details.
  • When your information gets verified, the card will be automatically activated by the system.
  • Shortly after the activation, you will receive a confirmation message on your device. – SOLE Visa Payroll Card Advantages & Features

Your SOLE Visa Payroll Card comes with a number of key benefits. We’ve tried here to highlight some of them in this section.

They are at a glance,

  • With your new SOLE Visa Payroll Card now you can make both online and offline transactions without a hassle.
  • On every dollar you spend through this card you will get outstanding cashback, offers, and discounts on your purchase.
  • There will be no charges on your card setup, its usages, foreign transactions, and even no monthly or annual charges have to pay for this card.
  • You will enjoy millions of ATM and POS coverage around the United States.
  • You will get 24X7 customer support from the SOLE Visa card helpdesk.
  • Card activation, lost card reporting or card blocking is very simple.
  • You can easily manage your account at the SOLE Visa Payroll Card online portal.
  • You will get 100% financial security with Zero liability and fraud protection for your SOLE Visa Payroll Card.

SOLE Visa Payroll Card Activation Prerequisites

If you’re heading towards activating your SOLE Visa Payroll Card, then check out this list of things that you should need for the activation.

Here they are, please have a look.

  • For SOLE Visa Payroll Card online activation you should need a device like a Smartphone, Laptop or desktop computer to initiate the activation process.
  • You need to connect your device with a good internet connection.
  • Physical SOLE Visa Payroll Card.
  • SSN or Social Security Number.
  • Valid Personal detail.
  • Email Address.
  • Contact Number.
  • Basic knowledge in English.
  • Genuine Activation link or Phone number.
Official Name SOLE Visa Payroll Card Activation
Rewards Cashbacks, Discounts
Purpose Card Verification
Language English
Eligible Citizen United States
Genuine Activation Link
Genuine Activation Mobile Number 888-895-6016

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Final Words

Hope you like this article. We’ve tried to cover all the necessary portions regarding SOLE Visa Payroll Card and its activation procedures here. If you still face any problems then write to us in the comment section below this post. We will try to solve them out. Or you can call the SOLE Card Customer care help desk at 888-895-6016 for card blocking to any other help. They will be very glad in assisting with your concern.


  1. What is a SOLE Visa Payroll Card and who is the issuer of it?

Ans: The SOLE Visa Payroll Card is a type of payroll card, specially made for the employees of various corporate sectors around the United States. The card is issued by the Axiom Bank, N.A. Florida, US and distributed through various companies to their employees.

SOLE Visa Payroll Card wholly changed the mode of payment as it has replaced the use of paper paycheck with direct cash deposition into an individual’s salary account with Zero handling fees. So a user can use this card like any other debit card to make their every online and offline payment where Visa card is accepted.

  1. What is the eligibility to get this card?

Ans: You must be a legal citizen of the United States with above on or above 18 years of age and should be an employee of any of the US corporate institutions to get a SOLE Visa Payroll Card.

  1. Will I get rewards on payment using my SOLE Visa Payroll Card?

Ans: Yes, on every transaction you make using your SOLE Visa Payroll Card, you will get cash backs, discounts, and other offers at the selected stores.

  1. What are the available methods to activate my SOLE Visa Payroll Card?

Ans: Your newly issued SOLE Payroll Card activation is very easy. You can activate it online or offline via phone call at your convenience.

  1. If I lost my SOLE Visa Payroll Card what would be my first proceeding?

Ans: If your SOLE Visa Payroll Card gets lost, don’t be panicked. Please inform the SOLE Financial Customer help desk at 888-895-6016 or you can block your card at website or using your Sole Payroll card mobile app.

A new card will be issued and soon delivered to your address within 7 to 10 business days.

Contact SOLE Financial

SOLE Financial Home Page:

SOLE Payroll Card Activation Link:

SOLE Payroll Card Offline Support: 888-895-6016 [Mon – Fri, 5 AM to 7 PM, PT ]

Mailing address

1675 SW Marlow Ave.,

STE 330, Portland,

OR 97225

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